NHS prescriptions to your door

Get your prescriptions delivered to your door. Manage and order your repeat prescriptions online and get them to your door for free.

Sign up to nominate us as your chosen pharmacy, your prescriptions will be sent to us electronically from your GP and we will deliver them to your door

How do repeat prescriptions work?

Step 1

Request your repeat medicines

Sign up and order your medicines through the PPRX prescription portal

Step 2

GP approval

The team at PPRX checks your request and sends it directly to the GP. Once your GP approves, they will send us an electronic prescription.

Step 3

Your medicine is delivered

Your repeat medicines are sent to your address. free.

We work with your GP

You can order medicine through PPRX if your GP supports electronic prescriptions. At the moment, that's 96% of GPs in England. And don't worry about telling your GP that you’re switching to PPRX – we’ll do that for you.

Everything in one place

Request prescriptions, track your orders and get reminders to take your medicine, all from our website.

Free prescription delivery

Our pharmacy delivers repeat prescriptions for free anywhere in England. Special packaging is used for refrigerated items. Keeping your medicines safe and secure for use.